About Us

Our fragile gaze upon the unstable earth.

If we try to embrace the world as a whole, then we must try to grasp the multiplicity of representations that complement or superimpose one another and adopt a view that unites them, a common, composite, collective and changing view. Even in difficult times, one can always find some form of available light source, be it irregular, shifting, or scattered.

After Mint questions the autonomy of our gazes, and motions towards a collective apprehension of the world.

Created in 2016, After Mint is a video art collective made up of artists and curators from France and South Korea:

Gabrielle Le Bayon

Gabrielle Le Bayon lives and works in Paris. She is an artist and a filmmaker whose films, writings and photographs are centred upon the relationships between political and spiritual believes and landscape as historical areas of resistance. She earned a BA in film studies from the London College of Communication and a MA in photography from the Royal College of Art. She was awarded a Visual Art Fellowship from Civitella Ranieri Foundation in 2017. Le Bayon has shown her work at places such as MOCA Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan; W139, Amsterdam; Oberhausen Film Festival seminar; ICA, London; MAMBA, Buenos Aires; Sheffield Fringe, UK; AiPO, New York

Hédi Bouadloun

Hédi Bouadloun is a film director and assistant-director born in Marseille (France). He studied at the London College of Communication. Starting with an animation course, he explored 2D animation, drawing, cut-outs as well as traditional 3D and stop-motion animation both in film and video. He then enrolled the film and video course where he graduate in 2006. 
After many years of editing he recently completed a professional course for assistant directors and is currently working in the independent french film-making. 
As a director Hédi has done few independent projects and directed a fashion show for the Paris Fashion week in 2015. He has now just completed his first short-film, shot in Marseille during the summer 2016.
In the past 15 years Hedi as lived and worked in places such as London U.K, Toronto C.A and is now based in Paris, France where he is writing his two next short-films.

Sébastien Dehesdin

Sébastien Dehesdin is a French photographer and filmmaker. He is interested in musicians and their practise, and his work mainly consists of portraits, live sessions, and video documentaries. 

He has a keen interest in technology and has collaborated with Foxall Studio in London for two exhibitions: at the Bonington Gallery in Nottingham, and at The Photographers' Gallery in London.

He won the NME music photography awards in the professional category in 2012.

Soyoung Hyun

Soyoung Hyun (b.1985 Seoul) is an independent curator and editor. She lives in Paris and works in Paris and Seoul. Interested in the gesture of the hands, today she is researching the gesture of mourning in cinema, photography, painting and moving image. Observing the transition from events to gestures, gestures and artistic representations, she questions the desire and nuances of the gesture and its complexities in society.

In particular, she has recently organized the performance Souper (im) possible in La Générale, Paris, as well as the exhibition La Rumeur de la forêt at the Cube Noir Gallery, Paris. Soyoung Hyun also worked for The design biennial of Cheongju, South Korea and organized Seoksu Art Project 2011 in Anyang, South Korea. She has written articles for Le Chassis (Paris), O.K.U.L.O (Seoul), Art in culture (Seoul).